Natural Feed Additives for Efficient, Profitable,
and Sustainable Aquafeed!
Healthy Nutrition and Balanced
Feed Ingredients for all Types of Animals!
Healthy Ingredients for Pet Food!
Granulated Three-Component Organic Fertilizers
Providing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
Fresh and Frozen Food Products
Sustainable long-term development.
Responsibility to Our planet and to Our partners.


L.J.Linen is a Family owned Trading Company which has grown into a reliable business partner over the past 25 years. We offer wide variety of animal and vegetable proteins, oils, vitamins and amino acids. Recently company has started feed premix production of tailored recipes for farmed animals as well as Pet food. In 2015 company started production of organic fertilizers and now operates under private labels in North Europe.
Company is expanding each year and our agents are located all over the world. L.J.Linen headquarters are located in the middle of the Baltic States – Riga, the city that serves as a bridge between the West and the East.
The main markets where L.J.Linen is operating are the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Western Europe, as well as, South East Asia, South America and Africa. Most of the products that L.J.Linen is trading with are received from partners in Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, China, India and Baltic States.
Our most important aim as a company is to provide the various product qualities and align them with our client requirements. We value a trusting, long-term partnerships, that is why we come forward and arrange services related to delivery – logistics, customs clearances, and preparation of documents.
We welcome new partners to become a part of our well-established network!



We work with safe products which comply with legal and ethical standards. We insist on a high level of personal integrity from each and every one of our staff to ensure the best products to our customer.


We are open minded in our solutions and how we overcome challenges. We deliver results – we do not trade numbers, we offer solutions for your business.

YES, WE CAN is our attitude! 


We Each and every one in our team matters and has a special super power. We respect each other and we are moving towards a common goal.



We appreciate our customers, business partners and opportunities. We are grateful to serve at the highest possible level to our clients!

Our Team and Services

Our team consists of professionals with signifficant international experience in trading, logistics, food technologies, and economics.

The team will produce solutions that are profitable in short and in long term. We will suggest not just what products to buy, but also when is the best time for their acquisition. This gives our clients a chance to have the benefits of the best prices available at a given time.

We are always ready to meet you! No distance is too great and no client is to small! Lets start a conversation!


L.J.Linen Ltd.

Antonijas str. 5
Riga, LV1010, Latvia
Tel: +371 67334 780
Mob: +371 29194221

Mob: +371 26150045 Slava (Sales)

Mob: +371 26167425 Ieva (Fertilizer)

Fax: +371 67334 781
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]