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Ingredients for all types of Animals!
Healthy ingredients for Pet Food!
Sustainable long-term development.
Responsibility to Our planet and to Our partners.

About Us


L.J.Linen is a Feed Premix producer as well as Trading Company which is very well known in the local market. We offer high quality products for Animal Feed and Pet Food. Our company is reliable and precise. We are responsible towards our planet and our partners. L.J.Linen is operating since 1994. and each year proved to be more successful then previous!

L.J.Linen produces Premixes of clients choice, using high quality ingredients from various producers around the world. Also trades a range of Animal Feed ingredients and other production materials. Our company is located in the middle of the Baltic States – Riga, the city that serves as a bridge between the West and the East.

The main markets where L.J.Linen is operating are the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Western Europe, as well as, South East Asia, South America and Africa. Most of the products that L.J.Linen is trading with are received from partners in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, China, India and Baltic States

Our most important aim as a company is to provide the products that clients require at the most competitive price and with the best quality. The services of L.J.Linen also include all arrangements related to delivery – logistics, customs clearances, and preparation of documents.

We welcome new partners to become a part of our well established network!

Our products

Animal feed

We offer both – animal origin and vegetable feed ingredients that will suit any animal species. Specifications are issued upon request. Packaging is prepared according to the requirements of our clients.

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Pet Food

Responsible pet owners are placing more value on a balanced and healthy diet for their pets. We help your pet to receive all nutrition it needs to be healthy and active.

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also known as aqua farming, is the farming of fish.

It is a way of counteracting over-fishing in the world’s oceans and satisfying the growing demand for fish and shellfish. Correct nutrition is essential to maintain production volumes.

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NPK tailor crafted formulas as well as simple solutions.

NPK fertilizers are three-component fertilizers providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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Other Products

Besides food and feed ingredients we are a supplier of more technical products.

Ingredients for chemical industry, metal scraps, alcohol production ingredients…

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We believe that the steps we are taking today will make us stronger in the future and will allow us to improve our environmental performance through our actions.

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We Deliver Results

We don’t trade numbers, we offer solutions for your business. 


Our Team and Services

Our team consists of professionals with signifficant international experience in trading, logistics, food technologies, and economics.

The team will produce solutions that are profitable in short and in long term. We will suggest not just what products to buy, but also when is the best time for their acquisition. This gives our clients a chance to have the benefits of the best prices available at a given time.

We are always ready to meet you! No distance is too great and no client is to small! Lets start a conversation!

  • Consultation on best possible solution

  • Logistics, we’ll take care of it

  • Import/Export documentation


L.J.Linen Ltd.

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Riga, LV1010
Tel: +371 67334 780
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